Pizza Dough Container
Pizza Dough Container

Pizza Dough Container


Pizza dough containers are designed to provide storage for dough balls while they wait to be made into pizza. These pizza dough containers are designed to be stackable, and fit perfectly onto our container transport dolly, allowing you to move multiple trays from your fridge or storage area to work area at once. Additionally, the trays are sized to fit perfectly into Italiana FoodTech refrigerated prep tables.


60x40x7cm (23.6x15.7x2.7")

60x40x10cm (23.6x15.7x4")

60x40x13cm (23.6x15.7x5")

Key Features:
  • Holds 12-18 dough balls
  • Stackable
  • Available in multiple heights
  • Fits in Italiana FoodTech refrigerated prep tables