Klüber Oil

Klüber Oil


For use with Conveyor Ovens.

Regular chain maintenance on the Stone Conveyor Oven is essential to ensure consistent operation. The chain must be lubricated every 40 operating hours with Kluber high temperature food safe oil. 

Lubrication is done by dripping oil with the bottle provided with the oven onto every link of the two chains from the loading side of the oven. This process must be done when the oven is cold (before use) for best results, and the bottle must be shaken prior to use. It is recommended that you mark where you started to ensure you don’t miss any links. It is a time consuming process, but failure to do so will result in increased friction and wear on the conveyor, chain and motor. Failure to properly lubricate the chain can result in a seized chain and/or burned out the motor. 

Ovens that are not properly maintained will be voided from warranty. It is recommended that you keep records of lubrication practices and purchases for warranty purposes.

Registered as NSF H1 and certified according to ISO 21469 High scuffing protection Good wear protection for gears and rolling bearings High micropitting resistance Good shear stability for reliable lubricant film formation Optimised for the lubrication of worm gears Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance Wide service temperature range due to good viscosity-temperature behaviour Low foaming tendency Energy savings due to optimised friction behaviour Good elastomer compatibility Approvals by numerous gear OEMs