An example of a Compact Pro Single Deck Oven.

Compact Pro Deck Oven

The Italiana FoodTech Compact Pro Deck Ovens are the perfect choice for a successful restaurant with limited space. Its compact size allows it to easily fit into an existing kitchen and become a part of the regular workflow. The smaller Compact Pro models are ideal as dedicated gluten-free ovens, or slice reheating ovens.
With independent top and bottom heat controls, it allows you to cook pizza exactly the way you want it. The maximum temperature is 850˚F.
The Compact Pro is perfectly suited for cooking both fresh and frozen foods.


  • Oven facade in stainless steel
  • Insulated panoramic glass door
  • Electrical components cooling fan
  • Safety thermostat


  • Double vibrated refractory bricks baking surface
  • Differentiated top-bottom heating elements
  • Baking chamber with a built-in heat recovery system
  • Baking chamber uniformly illuminated by halogen bulbs


  • Mechanical control panel
  • Independent top and bottom temperature control