Perforated Pizza Peel - Silver Line

This lightweight pizza peel made from anodized aluminum is designed with perforations to discharge excess flour from the bottom of the pizza. This leaves you with a better tasting pizza, free of burnt flour on the bottom. It is made for use in gas, electric and wood burning ovens.

Models & Dimensions:

L-93/93 (33cm x 135cm) (13" x 53")
L-94/93 (33cm x 170cm) (13" x 67")
L-94-40 (40cm x 170cm) (16" x 67")

Key Features:
  • Light Weight
  • Perforated surface to discharge excess flour
  • Ideal for gas, wood and electric ovens
  • Champaign coloured polypropylene handle

      Type: Pizza Peel

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